How to Choose Right Blogs for Guest Posting

Guest posting is the critical aspect of blogging as it is directly proportional to how well you’re building network around your blog. The logic is simple. Guest posting allows you to put yourself, your personality and your blogging style in front of others. “Others” here are those who’ve either never heard of you or those who have little knowledge about you and your blog.  So, guest posting will definitely expose you and your blog to the others. You get a chance to interact with “others” and I’m pretty sure some of these “other” members would turn up and visit your blog.

There is a vast discussion on the topic of advantages of guest posting. I’m not gonna get into the details of that now. At this point in time, we are discussing – How to choose right blogs for guest posting?

Choosing Right Blogs For Guest Posting

How to Choose Right Blogs for Guest Posting


See the number of comments that each blog post is receiving. Once you’ve seen the average number of comments for each blog post, it’s time to pick 4-5 blog posts for our research. So, pick few of them and open them all in separate tabs. Make sure that you’ve selected blog posts with varying number of comments. For example, select one blog post which has received comparatively low number of comments and vice versa. The point here is to maintain diversity among blog posts on the basis of comments.

Now that you’ve these posts open in individual tabs, go through the each comment. Assuming that you’re now going through one blog post at a time, see if these comments are one liner and/or two liners. Find the ratio one or two liner comments with valuable comments or if you don’t like maths, simply get a quick idea about what type of comments that blog post has received.

If the blog post has received good number of valuable comments, add one point to the blog so that we can go ahead and look for other parameters. If you don’t find good valuable comments, give minus one point to the blog.

I personally don’t guest post on the blogs which are having zero interaction. However, there is one exception to this. I’ll come to this point later.

Google page-rank

Before you ask me any question, let me tell you that yes, it matters. Guest blogging is one way of building back-links Google page-rank has been a crucial factor in deciding whether to guest post or not. Why? That’s because, blogs which are relying on organic traffic from Google has to have some link juice. When you link your blog, a link juice is passed to your blog URL. Now, the weight of this link juice depends on the position of link. If you place the link in author bio, it will have less weight. However, if you put the link inside article body, it will have comparatively higher weight.

So, when it comes to ranking a particular article for specific keyword, Google page-rank plays critical role. If you ask me, yes, I respect pagerank and give preference to the blogs which are having good pagerank.  This is the second priority for me after interaction. If the blog is having good pagerank, add one point to it or simply put a dash.

Dash? Why? 

Well, there are some blogs which don’t have any page-rank awarded to them yet they are awesome and are likely to get good PR in the next update. If you see any such blog, quickly find out domain authority of that blog. I’ve already explained how to find  and increase domain authority of a blog.

Now, if you observe that the blog is having a domain authority 30+, add one point to it. This doesn’t mean that blogs with DA 30 are not worthy of guest posting. They could be worthy of guest posting and if that’s the case, you need to go back to our first priority i.e., interaction to make wise decision.

Reader’s Questions

1. There is one blog with almost zero interaction but it has PR4, should I guest post on that blog? 

Does the blog look spammy? How is the content quality on that blog? If it is producing decent quality with no grammatical errors, there isn’t any problem in going ahead and guest posting on that blog.

In this case, you just need to make sure that the blog is producing quality content. However, if there are no comments on the blog, I would recommend you to keep that blog as the last option to guest post.

2. It’s been long time that Google didn’t update page-rank. What are the other factors that I should look after if page-rank for certain blog is N/A or zero. 

Page-rank is certainly the most important factor for link builders. However, there are number of other factors that you can look after if the page-rank is yet to be awarded to the blog.

  • Domain Authority – You should check for the domain authority and see if the blog has at least 30+ DA. That’s my personal recommendation though. 
  • Alexa Rank – Alexa rank is unreliable source for determining the quality of a blog. However, you can get a fair idea about blog’s traffic and ranking to certain extent.
  • SEMRush – If you’re on the hunt for blogs receiving organic traffic, SEMRush is the best option to analyze.

I give a lot of importance to these two factors – interaction and page-rank. If you want, I would be happy to showcase all the blogs where I’ve guest posted till now.

Guest posting is an awesome technique with which you can expand your reach and connect with other bloggers. Don’t waste this opportunity by putting back-link to the spam content. Use it wisely.

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36 Responses to “How to Choose Right Blogs for Guest Posting”
  1. Muneeb Ahsan

    i personally think when someone wants to do guest posting on someones blog then keep in mind three things,
    1) alexa rank of the blog
    2) Page rank
    3) relevancy
    If you follow above three things, then guest posting really helps you a lot. Thanks
    Muneeb Ahsan recently posted…How to enable God mode in windows 8 ?My Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hi Muneeb,

      Yeah! As I said, page-rank plays a critical role. I don’t give pretty much weight to the alexa rank because it is not that trustworthy factor.

      And off course, the blog has to be relevant to my guest post. How can someone miss that. right?
      Pawan Bawdane recently posted…How to Choose Right Blogs for Guest PostingMy Profile

  2. Charmie

    Hey pawan,
    You have chosen one of the best topics to write on. Guest posting is now an important criteria to be followed these days if you want to gain a significant traffic to your blog and so its very important to know that what kinda blogs you choose, whats the PR for the same and so many more factors.

    Thanks for sharing it. :)

    Charmie recently posted…Giveaway #2: Win Genesis1.9, Thesis 2.1 and Marketer Delight 3 and 2 Topgadget themeMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hi Charmie,

      Absolutely right. I’m confident that people would be able scale down the blogs and measure their performance using the techniques that I’v mentioned above. It’s definitely important to build good readership around the blog and guest posting definitely the ones which I’ll never give up on.

      Thanks Charmie.

  3. varun saini

    I usually check the alexa rank and google page rank before thinking to guest post for any website. Moreover i also write guest post for the blogs which are similar to niche. This helps in bringing more traffic to your website. Thanks for telling the other tips :)
    varun saini recently posted…How to Park Your Domain Name On GodaddyMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hi Varun,

      I personally don’t rely much on Alexa rank. There are good number of blogs which are receiving tremendous traffic yet the alexa is not that good for them. On the other hand, page-rank plays an important role for me.

      So, how many guest posts you’ve written man?

  4. marilyn cada

    PR is also an issue to me and this is the reason i find attracting guest post challenging. it seems that many bloggers are considering PR rather than Alexa Rank.

    and thanks for sharing about SEMRush since this is the first time i heard of it. i only use Google Analytics in analyzing all sources of traffic
    marilyn cada recently posted…Make Money Online with Rankseller.comMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hello Marilyn,

      SEMRush is definitely good to analyze blogs which are receiving organic traffic. I’m doubtful on how you can use analytics for researching on blogs other than yours?

  5. Nwosu Desmond

    This is an all comprehensive tutorial for guest posting. The essence of guest posting is to gain a high PR and drive quality and targetted traffic so anything that wont fetch you those shouldn’t waste your time then. Thanks for the way you highlighted the important points in this article.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…5 Little known Phone Operating SystemsMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Exactly my man! Getting a good pagerank backlink is definitely an important part. However, I would also like stress on the point – building network with other bloggers. Guest posting helps us in building network with other bloggers as well as with their readers. Right?

  6. Suresh Khanal

    Hi Pawan,

    This is truly honest suggestions. Guest blogging can be awesome for link building and gaining more exposure to your writing skills.

    PageRank, DomainAuthority, Alexa can be the best metric for advertisers and guest bloggers. However, PageRank can be sometimes very tricky. I’ve seen many blogs jumping to PR4 directly from PR0 while many others down to PR 0 or N/A from 3 or 4. So a bit of your intelligence should be applied.

    It is often easier to get opportunity to guest blog in lower PR blogs. If you can sense that the blog is going to improve PR in next update, it is a gold mine you got. Don’t miss this opportunity.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…Learn from the best blogger, and not only the accessible bloggerMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hi Suresh,

      Thanks a lot buddy for your adding your suggestion.

      My personal experience about pagerank is that Google won’t stripe down the PR unless there is something unusual happening on your blog. As per my knowledge, Google does send you a warning before striping down a page-rank (yet to be confirmed).

  7. Bishnu Subedi Nishan

    Hello Pawan,

    Thank you for sharing a very informative post ! Guest Posting is the best way ever to get traffic as well as build good relation with other bloggers ! Your post will really help to choose a right place to put guest post ! Thanks again :)
    Bishnu Subedi Nishan recently posted…Download PokharaTech Blogger Templates For FreeMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hi Bishnu,

      Agreed! I’m also guest posting on number of blogs and that has definitely helped me in connecting with these bloggers.

      Glad you liked the post buddy.

  8. Akshat Bhanchawat

    Thanks for these awesome tips. From next time, I will surely keep all these points in y mind. Great share!
    Akshat Bhanchawat recently posted…Complete Guide to Android 4.3My Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hi Akshat,

      So glad to know your feedback. I hope you find them useful. Keep rocking, keep blogging!

  9. Thenraja

    The important factor for me in guest blogging are traffic
    2.regular followers to blog in various social media such as facebook,twitter,gplus (i.e not bots liking their content)
    3.the author of the blog should be helpful to its readers so readers activities will be gradually increased
    4.same niche

    from what i have seen is that page rank is not important factor for guest blogging page rank is only useful when two blog are at same level during google ranking algorthim and i have seen so many blog which has page rank 1,2 which got has high organic traffic and page rank with 3,4 with less traffic and don’t consider the alexa ranking and it better to check the counter of the website like hitstats,whoamungus,trendcounter which may be available in footer in some blog and this may useful to check the source of traffic and real time information of the blog

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hi Thenraja,

      The number of social followers can sometimes be tricky. You got to be careful in that. The other factors are definitely important but I would really like to know how you can find out more about organic traffic about certain blog? Yeah some tools do help but that’s very limited too.

      For me pagerank of the blog is second priority. I simply can’t ignore the pagerank although I give much more preferences to the blogs having good interaction through comments and social media.

      • Thenraja

        Hello Pawan
        Actually what i see in social followers are in which people the share the content on their time line and i don’t go for just single post and i just check for random posts from a time period 6months and i just randomly select 10 posts from it and analyze the amount share in their social network such as facebook,twitter etc
        And finding out organic traffic for a particular is quite difficult and tools that are currently available are limited but i determine that by selecting their keywords that they rank on google serp and check how they defeat their competitors either by whitehat seo or black hat seo and this has to been done a lot of research
        page rank can be considered but for me it is my least priority for guest blogging as if the blog admin doesn’t work on seo he actually loses his page rank in next update so it is unreliable and another important factor is the “Domain Age” is also to be considered before doing guest blogging there are several parameters that are to be considered it is not that you get a do-follow from those blog it is thing that you actually building a leadership in internet

        • Pawan Bawdane

          Hi buddy,

          Your technique about finding social followers and interaction is awesome. I don’t pay much attention to how social followers are interacting when I’m guest posting on smaller blogs with less PR. It’s is extremely difficult to find the keywords that the blog is ranking for. The research part is quite simple but finding a proper keyword is quite tedious.

          It’s definitely not about getting a dofollow link mate. It’s much more than that. You get a chance to interact with the new audience; create connection with new bloggers. However, the link that you get through guest posting is equally important. :)

  10. Nicole Nahi

    Hello pawan,

    Guest blogging is powerful if well done. I’ve heard of people forming a “blogging alliance” where a community will guest post each other’s articles. This can be built from connecting with people on social media.
    Nicole Nahi recently posted…Bluehost vs. HostGator Review – The Gloves are Off!My Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hi Nicole,

      I’ve also heard of the same. It’s definitely beneficial to form this type alliance because everyone gets a chance to showcase themselves on other blogs. And as you pointed out, it helps a lot in building connection.
      Pawan Bawdane recently posted…How to Choose Right Blogs for Guest PostingMy Profile

  11. Ashi

    Hi Pawan

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing article with us. Well Guest blogging and commenting are the two basic things for creating good number of backlinks and to meet new people.
    Will try to follow your guide lines.
    Have a great week ahead :)
    regards :)
    Ashi recently posted…Apple Is Bringing iPad Mini 2 With High Resolution DisplayMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hi Ashi,

      I would like to point out that commenting is now not effective way of building backlinks. In fact, these backlinks don’t carry much weight. On the other hand, guest posting is still doing wonders.

      Good to see your views mate.
      Take care!
      Pawan Bawdane recently posted…How to Choose Right Blogs for Guest PostingMy Profile

  12. aris jay

    This is really something. I agree with all you have stated in this post. Very informative and refreshing indeed. Keep up the good work! :)
    aris jay recently posted…Score FREE tickets to Carly Rae Jepsen Live in Manila when you get a Huawei Ascend P6 or Ascend Mate with a Globe postpaid planMy Profile

  13. Ryan Biddulph

    Digging the tips Pawan! I come in at DA 44 on one of my blogs; I guess I should promote this? Seems solid to me at least lol….

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Do You Have a Minute?My Profile

  14. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    Great tips here, pawan. I am sure these guidelines here will help many newbies choose their blogs for commenting much more sensibly now! :P
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted…Truth Behind Buying Fake Facebook LIKEs- How to Get More Free Facebook LIKEs?My Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hello ma’am,

      I would still recommend newbies to go for guest posting rather than commenting. I hope you’re aware of this fact that links generated through commenting don’t carry much weight.

      Glad to see you ma’am. Thank you!

  15. Amal Rafeeq

    Wow Pawan,
    Now that’s a comprehensive guide on Guest Blogging zone selection. Really enjoyed it and totally agree with you.
    Hoping to see more worth reading content from you.
    Amal Rafeeq recently posted…10 Important Search Engine Optimization Terms That Everyone Must KnowMy Profile

  16. Nirmala

    Nice post to choose the good blogs for guest blogging.

    thanks for the suggestions and I always look for the active performance of the blog owner.

    As the PR update is getting delayed, there are many blogs with PR0. But the genuine blog owners are accepting the guest posts from these blogs by measuring the other metrics which you’ve listed.

    Keep sharing Pawan ;)
    Nirmala recently posted…Top 15 Widely Used Google ProductsMy Profile

  17. James McAllister

    You make some great points here – but what about social signals?

    We all know social signals play a huge part in SEO these days, so I also think it’d be a good idea to check out any social media accounts the website has before deciding to guest post on their blog. In fact, I almost always check how many likes or twitter followers the website has before deciding to guest post on it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to waste my time, haha!
    James McAllister recently posted…Authorship And The Future Of SEOMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hi James,

      Social signals finally comes down to the point called interaction. People interact with the blog post, share it, like it and that’s what acts as a social signal. Off course, taking a look at social profiles would give you good idea about followers, you got to be careful about fake followers.

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