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July 7, 2013SEO Tips39 Comments

Today on eBloggingHow, I’ve decided to discuss one of the most lucrative and critical task i.e., how to do keyword research. I know you want to host a massive amount of traffic and extensive engagement but is it possible without doing proper keyword research? Certainly not. In fact, there are number of other factors which plays a critical role in ranking your blog post but what you should know before going after other factors is “which keywords to target and how”. There is no point in writing a full 1000 words article which ends up in getting no traffic from search engines. Now, some will argue that it’s good to create a community around your blog rather than depending on search engines. Yes, I agree! but how do you make community around your blog if it’s fairly new? Off course, you should write articles for your readers but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of search engine optimization. Right? So, let’s begin with what exactly is keyword research, what are the free keyword research tools available and  how to do proper keyword research.

Keyword Research - Magnifying Glass

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the task of finding those keywords and/or phrases which are used by users to search through search engines such as Google, bing and Yahoo. For example, when you open Google and start typing “how to do keyword research”, the entire sentence would be called a keyword and/or phrase. So, for a basic user, the term that you’re using to search on the internet is called keyword.

Who Uses Keyword Research Tools and Why?

Internet marketers, niche website owners and bloggers are the ones who makes use of keyword research tools. They take help of various free as well as premium keyword research tools to extend their research and find new keywords. Most of the internet marketers and niche bloggers uses these research tools to make money by promoting and selling products (affiliate marketing).

Free Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Research Tool – It is one of the best free available research tool for the internet marketers and bloggers. In fact, I will be using Google keyword research tool in this article so that you don’t really need to buy any expensive software. The terms used in these tools are most probably common for many tools.

SEMRush – It’s not the perfect tool to do extensive keyword research but it does tells you the incoming or related search queries used by a user to visit the respective website.

Tools That Offer Free Trials

Keyword Elite – They are the best in what they offer. Keyword elite brigs deep and extensive research of the keywords to the table. It also helps you dominate niche marketing, blogging, adwords and search engine marketing. As a bonus, they are offering free trial to

KeywordXtreme (Version 4) – KeywordXtereme is a perfect tool for internet marketers. It can help you find long tail keywords with minimum efforts. In addition to this, it pulls data from various sources and not just the Google keyword research tools. Interestingly, the developer is promising money back guarantee.

How to Do Keyword Research

In this guide, I’ll be using Google Keyword tool and therefore I would recommend you to use the same to get initial impression of how exactly this thing works. You can later buy any premium product that I’ve mentioned above. Click here and arrive at the window that I’ve shown below.

PS: If you’re redirected to new tool’s window, simply click on the small notification which appears over at the top and go back to the old.

Google Keyword Research Tool

If you observe the screenshot above, I’ve numbered bunch of elements purposely. These are the terms we will be discussing throughout the guide most frequently. In fact, these elements are enough to do your keyword research. So, instead of talking about them briefly I’ll get started with one example keyword.

For this guide, I’m choosing “keyword research” as our term.

OK, here I’ve just revealed one secrete. What’s that? I’m targeting same keyword within this article.

  • Enter your keyword in the area given in front of “Word or phrase(1)”
  • Uncheck the box which says “only show ideas closely related to my search terms(2)”
  • Select your target country(3)
  • Change match type(4) to “exact”.

Below is the screenshot of how it will appear once you do the steps that I’ve mentioned above. And don’t worry, I’ll be explaining these terms shortly after this screenshot.

Changes - Google Keyword Research Tool

Let’s talk about the changes that we have carried out and the respective terms.

The first term that we have is word or phrase. This is the place where you put your keyword.

The second term that we have is a checkbox which says “only show ideas closely related to my search terms”. What does it mean? It simply means that if you’re searching for “keyword research” and if you uncheck it, it will show extensive set of keywords which includes words such as “free keyword research tools” or “how to do keyword research” etc.

The third option let’s us narrow down the audience by choosing particular target country. In my case, I’m targeting United states.

The last fourth block talks something about “match types”. There is a lot to explain here and let’s get to them slowly and steadily. It’s important to learn what these terms mean.

Difference between Broad, Exact and Phrases

I’ll explain these terms by taking one example that we have been playing around for a while. The keyword that we are using in this article is – keyword research.


Difference Between Broad, Exact and Phrase

Broad match is the default option that is selected in Google Keyword research tool. Each part of the keyword gets added into the results. Let’s take an example for this instance. As shown above, if our keyword is “keyword research” then anything that is searched with “keyword” or “research” or “keyword research” is added in search results. In short, it is an aggregate search volume.


Phrase match search is something that goes like this. Suppose you’re searching with “keyword research” then the search volume number returned will also include traffic for our main keyword as well as phrases like “free keyword research tools”, “how to do keyword research” etc. This number is bit accurate than what broad search shows.


As the word suggest, it will only bring volume of results which posses these two words (or rather I must say the entire keyword) and nothing else. So, here, the results would only account for the total number of searches for the exact term “keyword research”. This is most appropriate or closed number that you can expect from the respective keyword.

Ok! So, I assume that these three terms clear to you and you would better be knowing why we are using exact match type. We don’t really wanna have the inflated estimation of traffic. Right?

Now, once you’ve filled up these details, hit search button and you’ll see some numbers and keywords like what is shown below.

Ad Group Ideas - Keyword Tool

Well, there are about 9-10 columns right there. You can turn these columns on by clicking on columns button and selecting all. The button is present on the right top corner of the highlighted area.

The terms that we need to get used to are global searches and local monthly searches. It’s important to select the target country because the local monthly searches estimation is calculated accordingly.

The local monthly searches is rough estimated(but very precise if you choose “exact” in match type) number of how many times the term was used by users residing in respective target country.

What is best number for local monthly searches? 

You should target those keywords which are having local monthly searches of 2500+. That’s my recommendation and others may tell you some different number; however it would be somewhere around it.

Right below our keyword, click on research tools and you’ll have some more ideas and terms that are used by users.

Secrete Tip: These different variations of keyword can be used to target the back-links to your blog through guest posting. For example, I will link back to this article(in guest post) by using “keyword research guide” as my term. This way, I’ll be able to diversify my terms and make it look more natural.

Well, this is it! Take that keyword and target it your article; the way I’ve targeted in this entire article. I know, it was a pretty much long article but I hope you would have learned something new.  

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39 Responses to “How to Do Keyword Research”
  1. Sarvesh

    Google Keyword tool is the best for Keyword research that every Internet marketer or newbie is using to find low competition keywords..

    But google recently terminated Google reader & soon iGoogle will be terminated & I’ve heard this google keyword tool is another such service which google is going to terminate soon..So we need more such free and accurate services..:)
    Sarvesh recently posted…Five Ways of Promoting Your Business With the Help of InstagramMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hey Sarvesh,

      Yep, I completely agree that Google Keyword research tool one of the best when it comes to free keyword research tools.

      Google Keyword research tool is also getting updated with the lots of new features under the new name Google Keyword Planner. I don’t really think it will be dead anytime soon as it is necessary task for internet marketers to do the research and then decide on advertising.
      Pawan Bawdane recently posted…Spam Comments: Go, Get A Life!My Profile

  2. rishidevdas

    Google Keyword research tool is very helpful. I have heard they are transferring everything to keyword planner. As for SEMRUSH – it is an amazing helper in need. You can also track competitive keywords and analyse them as well.

    I have been using these two keyword research tool as my primary search weapons. There are a few other paid services but if you can use adwords and Semrush effectively, there is no need to use other services for sure.
    rishidevdas recently posted…PageRank Vs Domain AuthorityMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hi Rishi,

      Yes, however I’m bit skeptical when it comes to SEMRush. I know it’s a free tools but it doesn’t really satisfy my needs. Google Keyword Research tool does the job for most of the time.

      As a intermediate or basic user, the Google Keyword Research tool is completely fine but once you’re pro and need more analytical data, you got to buy some premium tools.
      Pawan Bawdane recently posted…Bad SEO: Are You Committing These SEO Mistakes?My Profile

  3. Nithin

    Thanks bro i was little confused with keyword research this is a clear article which gives a clear idea about keyword research thanks bro for sharing this :)
    Nithin recently posted…Flipkart Affiliate Marketing ReviewMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hi Nithin,

      I’m glad that this article proved to be helpful for you buddy. If you don’t mind, do share it with your friends and readers so that they will also understand the topic much clearer and better.

      By the way, why you aren’t using Top level domain on your blog? Do let me know, if you want help in setting that up.
      Pawan Bawdane recently posted…Bad SEO: Are You Committing These SEO Mistakes?My Profile

  4. Ravi

    Keyword planner is far more better than keyword tool. Also this article seems for newbie guide as there are lots more procedure to find the best keyword. Anyway good post :)

  5. Abhineet Shukla

    Sometimes I get clients from industries/businesses and I know less about, and it becomes difficult to research keywords for them. Then I get help with the keyword ideas just by adding the website url into the keyword tool. Once I get a list of suggestions, it becomes easier for me to get the best keywords for that business.

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Yes Abhi, I know how hard it is to research for those markets. That’s because we are not well-aware of the what that audience wants or searches for. It comes by experience and I’m sure you would be having more than enough to ride high. :)

      Good luck buddy.
      Pawan Bawdane recently posted…25+ Best Google Adsense AlternativesMy Profile

  6. Thomas

    Great article for the beginner or novice! I would recommend this for people who are new to keywords research and need to get their feet wet. I think you can get a lot of traffic without keyword research it just depends on who you know and your niche. But I like finding the low hanging fruits and going with the longer tail keywords with low competition and a nice volume. Get 50 pages bringing in 20-50 pages each per day and you got nice traffic to your site. Really like this site will be back more often. How did you get the Alexa so low?
    Thomas recently posted…June Stats, Updates, Goals, and Future PlansMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hello Thomas,

      True indeed! it has been targeted at beginners and intermediate folks. Yeah, it’s good to go ahead with long tail keywords with medium or slightly low competition because it’s tough to get ranking for small keywords. Perhaps, you can predict the same from the difficulty level that is mentioned in Google Keywords tool.

      Finally, good tip at the end, Thomas. That would sum up to something like 50 x 20 (let’s just simply take the lowest) = 1000 views daily. Would love to see you here very often mate.

      Regarding Alexa, it is most probably due to the kind of traffic and engagement we are getting. We don’t have much traffic on the blog but we do have targeted traffic and that’s what matters the most. Isn’t it? And, how is your blog doing? It seems fairly new to me.

  7. shameem thaha

    Hey Bro well needed post for all people as i prefer google adwords keyword tool which is best and my other option is market samurai which these tools help me to find the best keywords for my promotion thanks for coming with great topic
    shameem thaha recently posted…6 Common Blunders in Photoshop That Can Be Easily AvoidMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hello Shameem,

      I also prefer Google Keyword Research tool over many others (as far as it is limited to free tools). I haven’t tried Market Samurai yet but that you for suggesting. I’ll certainly give it a try.

  8. Suresh Khanal

    A very useful post and very nicely explained. It is well capable to make any newbie start keyword research very soon. Niraj was asking me, but I never got sufficient time to explain so that he can begin. Great to find you writing every aspect in so detail, I have sent the URL to him.

    Thank you for the useful post.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…GoDaddy Coupon Code for Domain RenewalMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hello Suresh,

      Yes, I hope a novice blogger can make use of this article as a starting point. Thank you so much for referring Niraj to this article. I hope he also finds it useful.
      Pawan Bawdane recently posted…How to Do Keyword ResearchMy Profile

  9. Ryan Biddulph

    Tremendous resource here!

    When I need to dig down and target a bit more I used Google’s tool to drive focused traffic to my blog.

    Save yourself year’s worth of struggle; do your keyword research.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Home Business Tips: 4 Reasons Why Videos Trump ArticlesMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hey Ryan,

      I’m so glad to you here. Perfectly quoted. If you learn the skills, you can certainly save a good time of yours. BTW, you’re riding high everywhere. I see a lot of guest posts from you these days. :)

  10. Amrik Virdi

    Hello Pawan,

    Great to see you with an amazing topic. YOu know some new bloggers still believe that search engine optimization is a waste of time. What I believe, everyone should learn the skills and you have taught a great lesson on keyword research. I am sure readers will make use of.

    Amrik Virdi recently posted…How To Reset Forgotten Password In Windows 8My Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hi Amrik,

      Yeah, I’ve seen such bloggers. They certainly haven’t seen the magic of SEO. I too hope this article serves a good purpose for them.
      Thank you Amrik.

  11. Rupak

    Hi Pawan! Summed up everything well for a newbie. I don’t have much idea about using long keywords theory. But after getting some useful knowledge from your article surely gonna try this.
    Rupak recently posted…Why do we criticise? Is criticism good or bad?My Profile

  12. Aqib Shahzad

    Informative guide for using keyword research tool, it is really important and useful if we want to increase our blog traffic through google
    Aqib Shahzad recently posted…Facebook timeline cover size and tipsMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hello Aqib,

      Yeah. It is certainly important to do proper keyword research if you want organic traffic especially through Google. What about you mate? Do you conduct any keyword research before writing an article?

  13. Vivek Gowda

    Such a descriptive post….Adword Tool is my favorite tool and now came to know about two more tools…
    Vivek Gowda recently posted…Customize Chrome New Tab with Windows 8 like UI tiles.My Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hey Vivek,

      It’s good to see you here. Adwords tool is my favorite too. I’ve been using it from quite a some time now.
      BTW, how is it going with What’s latest over there?

  14. Prince Molak

    Google keyword tool is the best tool for doing keyword research, but unfortunately, google said they will be shutting it down in a couple of month, will you Mind writing an article on How to use the new Google keyword planner for keyword research
    Prince Molak recently posted…How To Make More Money With AdsenseMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hello Prince,

      Google is not gonna shut down Keyword research tool completely. As mentioned, they will replace and enhance it. I would certainly do another article on how to use Google Keyword planner. At this point in time, we have some time to play with Google Keyword research. Right?

  15. marilyn cada

    i am using Google Keyword Tool for research. :) have not heard others.. anyway thanks for sharing Pawan as your article is very useful for newbie bloggers and it provided us other options for searching suitable keywords :)
    marilyn cada recently posted…“Visit and Get” Valuable Tips from Yogesh PantMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hey Marilyn,

      I’m also using Google keyword research tool to find good keywords. I’m mostly targeting those keywords which are having low to medium competitiveness and 2500+ organic search traffic.

      What about you? How are you playing with it?

  16. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    Very useful post, Pawan.
    I always conduct some basic KW research before I sit down to write. Reading this has helped me improve my skills further.
    A mammoth post. Well written, nevertheless.
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted…Visiting Little Lhasa/ Little Tibet in IndiaMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Thank you Ambika Ma’m. That’s what is my strategy too. A basic keyword research is an important aspect of blogging (especially niche blogging). How is MyMagicMix doing on organic traffic?
      Pawan Bawdane recently posted…How to Do Keyword ResearchMy Profile

  17. Pst Bless

    There are too many keyword research tool out there today, i believe no one should fail in the area of keyword research any more.
    Pst Bless recently posted…6 Ways to Market Your Business OnlineMy Profile

    • Pawan Bawdane

      Hi there bud,

      Exactly my friend. Keyword research is an important task and one should never underestimate it. It has a lot of potentials. :)

  18. Abhi Balani

    Very well writing, Pawan! I am sure this is going to be a great help to all those who want to understand how keyword research thing works.

    You got my shares. ;)
    Abhi Balani recently posted…Top 10 questions that bloggers should ask to themselvesMy Profile

  19. Bhawani

    Hi Pawan Badwane,

    It is an important blog regarding Keyword Research and I want to know that in the Google keyword Tool there are so many keywords suggestions. How many should I choose?


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